Welcome to My Website




Welcome to my website!  Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. . .


I have recently entered the world of photography.  Photography is something that always interested me but never really took the time for.  Recently I was given an impressive camera that totally intimidated me!   After two years of it sitting in it's case, a friend of mine encouraged me to get acquainted with it  and explore the world of photography.  I finally listened to him and I am totally enjoying it! 


At a very young age, I began my expression of art with pencil drawings.  I hung my pictures behind my bedroom door thinking they were never good enough for others to see.


While in high school in the 70’s, I dabbled in art experimenting with acrylic paint. But, I never took art serious and moved on with my life, never thinking it was something I should pursue.  Then beginning in 1990, I was offered the opportunity to share my passion with others by teaching painting classes through Adult Education and a community college.  But once again, I left art behind and journeyed on with life. 


Soon, I began to work with clay and created several sculptures and entered my first art show.  I won Honorable Mention with my self portrait sculpture, “Tae Kwon Do.”  I then started working with oils and loved the way I could “plop” the paint on the canvas and move the paint around, never really knowing what the outcome would be.  However, I continued to keep my art work hidden. 


Finally, I realized this was a talent that God gave me and it was selfish of me not to share this talent He has graciously given me.  So, stepping out of my comfort zone, I decided I needed to expose myself to the art world and surrounded myself with other artists.  And for the first time, I started calling myself an Artist.


I have been in several shows and am thrilled to have my paintings displayed where the public could finally see them!  I still have trouble calling myself an “artist,” but I am honored to have the opportunity to share my paintings with you.